finding out what customers want, then setting out to meet their needs, provided it can be done at a profit. Marketing includes market research, deciding on products and prices, advertising promoting distributing and selling. Glossary of Business Terms

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marketing mar‧ket‧ing [ˈmɑːktɪŋ ǁ ˈmɑːr-] noun [uncountable] MARKETING
activities to design and sell a product or service by considering buyers' wants or needs, for example where and how they will buy it, how much they will be willing to pay etc:

• They're going to have to spend even more on sales and marketing to win customers back.

• Successful innovations need to couple R&D, manufacturing, and marketing activities.

afˈfiliate ˌmarketing
MARKETING marketing using other websites in order to market products and services from your website. The other websites receive a payment for providing this service:

• Running an affiliate marketing program is a very cost-effective way of getting new customers.

ˈbuzz ˌmarketing MARKETING
marketing in which a company persuades a small group of people who know a lot about a subject to tell other people about its advantages, in order to make the other people become interested in it and want to buy it :

• Buzz marketing is not new, but Internet technology has changed the way in which companies use it. Buzz campaigns are now being initiated in chat rooms.

co-ˌoperative ˈmarketing MARKETING
when two or more producers work together to sell their products, for example by selling one of each of their products as part of a set
ˌcorporate ˈmarketing MARKETING
1. the marketing activities of a company. The phrase is often used in job titles:

• The director of corporate marketing said they want to establish the company's presence in low-cost PCs.

2. also business-to-business marketing marketing in order to sell products or services to other organizations, rather than to the public
diˌrect ˈmarketing MARKETING
any form of marketing where possible customers are contacted directly by the seller, for example by telephone or post:

• Direct marketing is the fastest growing sector of advertising.

eˈvent ˌmarketing MARKETING
marketing using events such as concerts, sporting events etc, for example through sponsorship (= when a company pays part of the costs of the event in return for advertising)
ˌglobal ˈmarketing MARKETING
marketing activities designed to cover the world as a whole:

• global marketing strategies such as using the same advertising in all European countries

ˈimage ˌmarketing MARKETING
marketing that uses famous people to help sell a product, for example by getting them to say that they use it:

• Athletic shoe manufacturers use image marketing to promote the majority of their products.

ˌmass ˈmarketing MARKETING
the marketing of products that are bought by a lot of people, by using methods designed to reach large numbers of people:

• The days of mass marketing are over. Instead, we use a number of different tactics to sell more efficiently.

ˌmultilevel ˈmarketing also ˈnetwork ˌmarketing MARKETING
a method of selling in which sellers persuade their customers to become sellers and then get money from their sales as well as their own:

• He worked as a distributor for a multilevel marketing firm.

ˈniche ˌmarketing MARKETING
the marketing of a product that does not have many buyers, but that may provide good profits for companies that sell it:

• niche marketing based on product differentiation

perˈmission ˌmarketing MARKETING
the marketing of products, especially on the Internet, to people who have given their permission to a company to send them advertisements and product information
reˈlationship ˌmarketing MARKETING
marketing to a customer when you expect or hope they will be your customer over a long period of time
ˌsocial ˈmarketing MARKETING
marketing involved with ideas that are considered to be good for society, for example advertising that teaches people about the importance of protecting the environment:

• the social marketing of contraceptives

ˈstealth ˌmarketing
MARKETING a way of advertising your products so that people do not realize that you are trying to make them buy something:

• Experts suggest that stealth marketing can improve store sales.

straˌtegic ˈmarketing MARKETING
marketing that is designed to make the future position of a company stronger:

• We have a strategic marketing alliance with our Japanese and European partners.

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marketing UK US /ˈmɑːkɪtɪŋ/ noun [U] MARKETING, COMMERCE
the business activity that involves finding out what customers want, using that information to design products and services, and selling them effectively: »

Mr. Harris was previously director of sales and marketing.

a marketing campaign/plan/strategy »

Part of her job involves devising clever marketing strategies.

a marketing company/department/division »

He operated his own marketing company until his major client got sold last year.

marketing costs/expenses/budget »

Loyal customers are easier to retain, so marketing costs for these customers should be lower.

a marketing director/manager/officer »

He was marketing director of colouring and skincare products and has recently been appointed overall marketing director.

See also AFFILIATE MARKETING(Cf. ↑affiliate marketing), BUZZ MARKETING(Cf. ↑buzz marketing), COOPERATIVE MARKETING(Cf. ↑cooperative marketing), CORPORATE MARKETING(Cf. ↑corporate marketing), DIRECT CHANNEL MARKETING(Cf. ↑direct channel marketing), DIRECT MAIL MARKETING(Cf. ↑direct mail marketing), DIRECT MARKETING(Cf. ↑direct marketing), DRIP MARKETING(Cf. ↑drip marketing), EVENT MARKETING(Cf. ↑event marketing), GLOBAL MARKETING(Cf. ↑global marketing), GREEN MARKETING(Cf. ↑green marketing), IMAGE MARKETING(Cf. ↑image marketing), INTEGRATED MARKETING(Cf. ↑integrated marketing), MASS MARKETING(Cf. ↑mass marketing), MULTILEVEL MARKETING(Cf. ↑multilevel marketing), NETWORK MARKETING(Cf. ↑network marketing), NICHE MARKETING(Cf. ↑niche marketing), PERMISSION MARKETING(Cf. ↑permission marketing), RELATIONSHIP MARKETING(Cf. ↑relationship marketing), SOCIAL MARKETING(Cf. ↑social marketing), STEALTH MARKETING(Cf. ↑stealth marketing), STRATEGIC MARKETING(Cf. ↑strategic marketing)
See Note ADVERTISING(Cf. ↑advertising)

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